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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Newsletter about the City Council meeting of June 17, 2014

I began video recording the City Council in 2012, because of my desire that the City do it on their own as any modern 21st century community began doing long ago. I had people tell me that they couldn't make it to the meetings, but they would like to see what is going on. I was also told by some council members that my summaries did not truly reflect the record, so having a video/audio recording cannot be misinterpreted.

So below is the City Council meeting. With each agenda item, you can click on the links and it will take you to that specific point in the meeting. You can always drag the marker on the video display to the point in the broadcast that you are interested in seeing.

 Agenda about the City Council meeting of June 17, 2014

 Thoughts about the Hickory City Council meeting - June 17, 2014

Special Presentations
A. Proclamation for National HIV Testing Day to Linda H. Sheehan, Director of Education and  Outreach/ALFA
B. Presentation of the Distinguished Budget Presentation Award for the Fiscal Year Beginning July 1, 2013. This is the nineteenth consecutive year the City has received this recognition.
C.  Business Well Crafted Award to Abee Architect PA, Dallas Abee presented by Business Development Committee Member Alan Jackson

Persons Requesting to be Heard - (Both presentations presented previously in Thoughts)

Steve Ivester - (Per Hickory Inc. Council on two agenda items, the amendment to the Economic Development Agreement with MAB Acquisitions LLC, and the Bond Issue.

Larry Pope - (Per Hickory Inc.) Mr. Larry Pope, addressed Council on the Inspiring Spaces bond referendum. He  discussed his concerns for use of the City’s funds being raised and how City Council used those funds to support what close friends, family members, or others that have control over the Council want, and not what is in the best interest of all of the citizens in the City. He discussed the dilapidated buildings that should have been brought down that Council had promised to bring down for the betterment of communities, but yet those buildings are still standing. He referenced the Old Southern Desk Building. He stated that he had contacted the School of Government regarding Conflict of Interest. He discussed Alderman’s Lail relationship with the CEO of LandDesign, and also the relationship of someone related to Alderman Zagaroli that was part of the group that was formed to discuss and vote on Inspiring Spaces. He questioned how Council always came up with the money, for the things that they want, that they claim beautifies our City, but it only targets certain areas of our City. He discussed the expense of the Sails on the Square, and the use of the funds that were collected for sidewalk use. He stated that he had filed papers on a lawsuit against the City because of an injury on a sidewalk that was caused by a trashcan sitting in the middle of a walk on a one way street that was not removed when trash was picked up. He
Consent Agenda: Passed unanimously 

Informational Item
A. Report of Mayor Wright’s travel to Raleigh, North Carolina

B. Report of Alderman Zagaroli’s travel to Raleigh, North Carolina

New Business - Public Hearings
1. Resolution and Order for Petition of Stanford Place Associates, LLC to Close a Portion of the former Hickory North Crosstown Loop and 13th Street NE. 

New Business - Departmental Reports:
(All of the information below was presented by Warren Wood in a Contiguous format)
1. Bond Referendum
 a. (1) Approval of a Resolution Directing Publication of Notice of Intent to Apply to the Local Government Commission.
(2) Approval of a Resolution Authorizing the Staff to Apply to the Local Government Commission.
(3) Approval of a Resolution Making Certain Findings of Fact.

b. Approval of an Engagement Letter with Parker Poe as GO Bond Counsel.

c. Approval of an Agreement with First Southwest Finance to Provide Financial Advisory Services to the City of Hickory Related to GO Bond Process.

General Comments (Per Hickory Inc.)
Mayor Wright commented that we have a birthday today.
Alderwoman Patton commented that it is a big one.
Mayor Wright commented that it is a guy, that when he took this job had no gray hair. He has raised some teenagers during those years. Mr. Berry is turning 50 today. A cake with candles was presented to Mr. Berry.
Mr. Berry stated that ten years ago, on his birthday, he was attending a manager’s conference in Asheville when he received a phone call from Mayor Wright requesting that he meet with himself and Attorney Crone to discuss his employment with the City of Hickory. On his birthday, ten years ago, was definitely the highlight of his professional career at this point, having the opportunity to come to work with this City Council, and this great community.
Mayor Wright stated that he hopes with the approval of the bond referendum, will be the second highlight of Mr. Berry’s career, and then they will figure out what to do when he is 60. City Council, Staff and citizens sang Happy Birthday to Mr. Berry.
Mayor Wright advised Mr. Berry that he wanted him to do the same thing when he turns 60. He advised everyone that they could have a slice of cake.

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