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Thursday, September 11, 2014

My personal Obamacare Insurance Fiasco - September 10, 2014

I received a bill from Catawba Valley Medical Center Group on Monday and I knew something had to be up. I've had Blue Cross Blue Shield Individual insurance for over 10 years. I went and looked at my bank account and found out they stopped drafting the money in May.

In December, I knew I needed to do something. It looked like I couldn't keep my old policy. In the middle of looking into the Affordable Care Act policy, the government decided to allow people to keep their individual policies. Well, you could keep it, but they didn't put a price tag on it at that time. My premium to keep my old policy was going to rise 17% and it was costing enough already.

I went to a local provider and filled out the paperwork and the agent attempted to get me into the system. He's actually cross his fingers and had a ritual to superstitiously get the exchange to accept my information and submit the policy. It took a week for the information to go through and I delivered a check a couple days before Christmas.

So I had an Obamacare insurance policy. Well, I apparently had one for 4 months. Looking back on it, I kept getting a bill each month for the same amount I was paying for the policy. I figured it was a glitch and they would get it straightened out. Eventually, I stopped getting those notices and the last time I looked they were still drafting my account.

Well, to be honest, I'm not living and breathing to look at my bank account. I've got a general idea of how much money is there and since it hasn't been growing over the last several years, it is depressing to look at, so I only check it when I need to and lately I haven't needed to. I haven't looked at it in detail anyway... let's put it that way.

So, as I said, because I received this bill I had to look at my account in detail and to my surprise the last time BCBS drafted my account was in April. So, I've been without insurance from May to Present and didn't even have a clue...

The following is my call to BCBS to find out what was going on... and apparently the left hand (Obama's exchange) doesn't have a clue (or relation) to what the right hand (BCBS) is doing. You should listen. It is quite entertaining.

and I already had concerns -  The Health Care Fiasco on a personal level - November 27, 2014

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