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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

The people have spoken here in Hickory and they 100% support Hickory Inc.

Congratulations Hickory Inc., the people have spoken and decided to follow the "Economic" model that you say will lead to growth. I still don't agree with that model and don't have twenty years to wait on your development plans, but it is clearly and unambiguously the will of the people and you have a mandate to do what you propose. Hickory Inc. and Boost Hickory, you have gotten what you want and you should run with it without question.

Personally, I hold no sour grapes about this referendum. I am not ashamed and I stand by what I have written and laid out in relation to this subject, the referendum. After all, I was only reporting what you laid out without the hard sell and marketing. I will not rehash any of this here tonight.

Moving forward, I will not be commenting on this subject matter and will not complain about taxes in Hickory, because I do follow the will of the people. The people of Hickory have clearly chosen a path that they like and it cuts across party lines and the current demographics of the community.

And that is all that needs to be said...

Over and Out,
JT Shell


wandaarnold1716 said...

No, your headline is wrong Thom! The people 60% support Hickory Inc. Yes, it is a majority, but they should be humble about winning and do everything possible to prove that they will spend our money wisely.

I don't like the fact that so much of our tax dollars will be wasted on interest payments when we could have done these things more incrementally, done more and had the same result.

If this really will prime the pump and bring more business and jobs here, we don't really have to worry about the young demographic. They will go where they can get a good job. The existing business owners seem to think that will happen.

I wish we could have used the interest payments to support education, especially the new cooperative efforts between CVCC and area business owners to fill the 2000+ job positions that are going unfilled because our young people aren't properly trained.

I ask those in charge of prioritizing the spending of this
money to pledge themselves to 100% transparency of what they are proposing (including who will benefit) and that they will seek input on these projects from all Hickory residents, not just the business community. We are all paying for it. We have a right to know.

James Thomas Shell said...

60 to 40 is a landslide in politics. I'm not tucking my tail between my legs, because I stand by my assertions and agree with what you state here, but it is obvious the people are buying what Hickory Inc. is selling.

As I have stated previously, any oversight/advisory group is only going to rubber stamp what Hickory Inc. wants to do. That's the way it works. The financials show that the people that own Hickory want this. They invested their money politically for the payoff and that is the way the American system works.

They need to take it and run with it. They have the will of the people. So just do it and quit with the excuses. They should be out of excuses now.