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Saturday, January 24, 2015

Signs... the HDR is zeroing in on Boosters' issues

Still a ways to go and information to come to light. Inconsistencies that need to see the light, but the Hickory Daily Record article this morning gets us further down the trail -- link below. The Hound has been on the trail for months. Sometimes you have to lay low until the scent trail gets stronger. The forest is always more important than the individual trees.

Thousands of dollars of in-kind contribution funds seem to be missing from the Boost Hickory financial report. The Boost Hickory Treasurer's "Dog ate my Homework" excuses have been numerous, but certainly aren't afforded to your average citizen.

Here's the deal, none of this was about gotcha politics, as the Mayor characterized in the HDR article, "...Or someone who does nothing but try to catch a campaign in something. I did not realize they were illegal. And I was not responsible for determining they were legal.”

When the violations were noticed, Joe Brannock initially contacted the Mayor, various city officials, and Boost Hickory committee members to inform them about the violations. He asked that the violations be corrected. City officials and Boost Hickory members instead denied the violations were true and refused responsibility.  The Planning Department, in charge of administration and enforcement of this ordinance, had already stated that the signs were in violation and were in the process of enforcing the law.

As a matter of fact, the gigantic sign that hung from the roof top at the Hollar Mill (estimated size 600 sq feet+), was requested to be removed by the City of Hickory Planning Department. We believe that to be the $900+ sign that was reported in the Boost Hickory financials. We were informed of this previous notification, that this sign did not comply with City Code, on Monday, October 27th. That is the reason why that sign was voluntarily taken down. The 47.5 sq. foot signs, Joe discussed with the Mayor, were put up after the Hollar Mill sign was reported and taken down.

The Bottom Line is that all the Mayor had to do was acknowledge that the signs did not comply with the ordinance and establish that they should be removed and take action to have them removed. As the Mayor, are you telling me these people would not comply with his wishes, especially when he was the person who created the signs.

Here we are 86 days later and so many convolutions and it was all so unnecessary, just because the Mayor didn't want to admit that he had it wrong. This is the person who has boasted about the City of Hickory being the most open and transparent government in the State of North Carolina and said "We are not secretive."

Here is the Hickory Daily Record article link where the Mayor finally admits that he had it wrong.
Hickory mayor: "It was a mistake." - Hickory Daily Record - Frank Bumb - January 24, 2015 

Huh... Hickory Bond Booster Inconsistencies - January 22, 2015


onewickedchick said...

So, am I getting this right? The mayor created the signs through his personal business knowing they did not conform to the city ordinances? This is despicable, juvenile, and frankly embarrassing.
Please mayor, explain to me, a taxpayer, why this is justified?

Harry Hipps said...

On the agenda will be reports from:
Dewey,Cheatham, and Howe, C F Eyecare, Public Liason Officer - Heywood Jubuzzoff, motivational speaker Eurasmus B. Dragon, and chauffeur Pickup Andropov.