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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Hickory Housing Authority - "Challenge this sham in court" - Dr. Sidney Miles

Hickory Hound: Who is really looking out for residents of Hickory Public Housing? What Sidney Miles is arguing in the letter presented below is not what the City is addressing. Taxpayer Funds were misappropriated based on Federal Government findings and funds were not accounted for over a multi-year period. The City is taking the logical step based on HUD's finding and their real authority and handing over the authority to a non-political agency - the western Piedmont Council of Governments. This doesn't have much of anything to do with the property on 4th St SW or RAD program. This letter is an effort to draw attention away from the real issue -- corruption!

This doesn't absolve the City for its lack of action over the past nearly 4 years, since this all came to light. This has cost hundred of thousands of dollars. These actions have in no way been beneficial to the residents of Hickory Public Housing and there have been people who were fired for speaking up against the corruption.

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