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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Fraudclosure 201 - the Horse Race vs Governance

What does Tuesday mean. Some of you think that it is going to be a defining moment. Well, I've seen elections for all my life and every one of them are supposed to be a defining moment. Elections are meaningless, if they are not followed by action.

Look at all of the problems this nation is facing. What have we seen in the form of solutions? All we have seen over the last twenty years is a government for sale to the highest bidder. Who is willing to rise above all of that? Who is willing to say NO! to this system of corruption?

I'm into results. I'm tired of the sociopaths' excuses. Some of our leaders go along to get along and others do nothing. It is about balance. See where there is common ground and move those issues forward. That starts you down the road towards positive governance. Then look at the issues where you may not agree and negotiate around the edges and compromise where you can. The issues where there is no agreement can be put on the backburner. We have been doing the opposite of this for years. It seems that our leaders are always looking to focus on disagreements at the expense of progress.

There are many people who say that the Democrats are going to try to ramrod controversial legislation through during this lame duck session. I certainly hope that cooler heads will prevail. The Republicans need to filibuster any bill that does not have the support of the American people and make sure that these issues are dealt with in a proper context come January.

This Fraudclosure issue is definitely at the forefront of what I am addressing. The banks should not be bailed out of this situation and their interests should not be placed ahead of those of the American people. It is time that Justice and common sense prevail!

The Banks have taken on the role of Loan Sharks. You make a late payment and they make your plight worse, it goes beyond penalties into the realm of unnecessary punishment. The penalties do no fit the violation. The Fed lends the banks free hot money and they invest it anywhere, but back into our own nation's system. The money comes from America and should be reinvested in America. Instead, we see Banks that charge exorbitant interest rates and fees on people who are already struggling. Why are we bailing the Banks out?

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