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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Ward Specific Voting - You can Be the Difference!!!

The numbers are getting close on having enough signatures to bring about a special election, which would allow the community to have a say in how the City Council is elected. That process was not allowed to occur when the current system was manipulated into existence by the City Council in 1967 and implemented in 1970. This change would directly impact how Council Members represent their ward. We think it would positively impact the big picture and city wide governance.

What is clear from the issues that we have seen over the last several years is that the current system does not encourage accountability. What it does is encourage Bloc Voting constituencies that allow certain wards to dictate policy in other wards and we believe that it causes ambivalence towards development in certain wards thereby harming the viability of the City as a whole. And as Hickory goes so goes the Metro regional area.

So if you want to do something that will create a major impact on the area, then print out and fill out the petition linked below. Once you have done this contact me at and tell me where I can pick up this signed petition or dial 828-612-8448 so that we can move forward. We are getting close to having enough signatures and your signature could be the one that puts us over the top.

You can be the person that makes a difference in our future by doing this today. You can help bring government back to the people. Peace be with you and may this cause be blessed.
  • In a true ward system, voters in each ward choose their own representative; it’s more democratic because local voters have a bigger say in who represents their wards.
  • A true ward system allows more citizens to consider running for office because it is less expensive to run an election in one ward than to run city-wide; we’ll get some new perspectives and fresh ideas on city council.
  • A true ward system makes representatives more accountable because they live and work in the same community where their constituents live so they have daily contact with their voters.
  • True ward system elections are less expensive for taxpayers because only half the polls have to be open each election year.
The City Council could make this change simply with their vote, but they are happy with the status quo. We think the voters should decide how they want their elections run, and that's where we need your help.

Will you print out and sign the attached petition and mail back to us? It will take you less than 5 minutes and will make a HUGE improvement in future elections.

Click here to download the petition.

Other registered voters in your house and neighborhood can also sign the petition. If you prefer, I can mail you a petition and a stamped envelope to return it in - just reply to my email ( with your request.

I know you believe in fair and representative government; if you have questions about how the true ward system will make that happen, please call me any time at 828-612-8448.

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1 comment:

Silence DoGood said...

Its extremely comforting and encouraging to see people stand up for themselves against a well oiled and orchestrated machine of oppression and tyranny. Of questionable deals and dubious relations. People willing to say "enough." Enough taking anything you want for yourself, enough to changing the rules when and as you please, enough spending money from a special fund just because you can, that is specified by its very title for another purpose. The clouds look as if they are starting to thin.