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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Rebecca Inglefield had the audacity to follow the rules!!!

So they changed the rules.

From May 1, 2012

When it was time for the Council to pass the Consent Agenda, Attorney Rebecca Inglefield stood up and asked that Items F and G be removed from the Agenda. The Mayor stated that she had a right to speak at the meeting to which Attorney Inglefield stated verbatim what is written on the front page of the Council Agenda Pamphlet displayed below.

And what did she have pulled from the Consent Agenda?

The above is related to the issue of the items F & G that Attorney Inglefield asked to be removed from the Agenda as per a citizens right according to the information on the front page of the Agenda pamphlet:

F. Budget Ordinance Amendment No. 21 (Exhibit VII.F.)
1. To appropriate $137,940 of Capital Reserve Parking Fund and transfer to the Canopy Project. This budget amendment is explained in Departmental Report No. 3.

G. Capital Project Ordinance Amendment No 1 (Exhibit VII.G.)
1. To accept a $137,940 appropriation of Capital Reserve Parking Fund Balance and budget in the Canopy Project construction line item.

And what was she arrested for the other day? She continued asking questions related to this "Canopy Project." Even though Attorney John Crone states that they, Hickory Inc., are an "Open Book," he tells Attorney Inglefield the other day that they don't have to answer her questions. He tells her to put it in writing and when she starts doing so,  he then tells her to leave and when she continues writing the questions she wants answered, then he has her arrested.

I hear people say things about Rebecca and that angers me. These things are related to Rebecca's passion for the community. They seem to think that is a bad thing and that it is cool to go with the flow of the cronyism. Rebecca truly cares about this community and she does a ton of things for this community. She doesn't cuss or swear and I do not understand how anyone could ever feel threatened by this lady.

Hickory Inc. doesn't want to answer questions, because they know that it is going to wake up many people to how things have been operating around here.  Sleep little sheep sleep. Nothing to see here.

They gonna Arrest you!!!

Statement by Rebecca Inglefield about her arrest at City Hall - September 13, 2012

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