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Friday, October 12, 2012

The Edison Project - Good News and Great Ventures - Year 2 - 10/1/2011

2012 The Edison Project - Catawba County Chamber of Commerce

What is The Edison Project? The Edison Project is sponsored by the Catawba County Chamber of Commerce and is a celebration and recognition of the creativity and entrepreneurial spirit of Catawba County. We are looking for entrepreneurs that have an innovative idea for a viable business in the Catawba County area that they would like to submit for consideration and review by a panel of judges. You will compete with other entrepreneurs for an economic incentive of $10,000 in cash ($5,000 1st place; $3,000 2nd place and $2,000 3rd place) plus other pro-bono benefits for the best new entrepreneurial business ideas in the Catawba County area for 2012.

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2012 The Edison Project - Catawba County Chamber of Commerce - Rules of Competition - Catawba County Chamber of Commerce website

The Edison Project - Catawba County Chamber of Commerce - The Winners - Catawba County Chamber of Commerce website

The Edison Project (2011) - Good News and Great Ventures - 9/19/2011

First Place: David Scalise, Tileware Products - David and his business partner Mike Freedel has developed a new fastening system for shower accessories installed in the tile mortar. They have manufacturing and distribution in progress and are looking to expand on their already working business model with investor assistance.

Second Place: James Tate, Tension Technologies - James has developed an innovative load indicating lock washer and patented tensioning components. James is seeking capital to manufacture product to meet demand, as well as continued testing, research and establish a marketing program.

Third Place: Molly Hernstreet, Opportunity Threads - Molly has already established a social enterprise that is an eco-textile cut and sew operation that is mainly grant funded. She works with entrepreneurs that have productions requests that are below most textile company's minimum orders. She is looking for capital for additional equipment and seeking out new customers to grow a sustainable self-funding business.

Other Contest Finalists
Jill Towery-Salmagundi: Jill’s business produces chairs, settees, and tuffets each one unique. Jill is seeking capital to expand the manufacturing side of the business as well as increase her online retail partners.

Sara Hord-Millstone Meadows Farm LLC: Sara is a trained and experienced chef looking to add to her existing business of a destination working farm, to add homemade artisan bread to be sold to restaurants and through farmers markets. Some equipment has already been purchased and additional capital is needed to fully equip the commercial bakery at the farm.

Barbara Gilbert- Cecil’s Kitchen: Barbara is looking to expand on her existing catering business by offering a “community incubator kitchen” facility for a fee to part time bakers and caterers. Capital is sought to establish this commercial grade kitchen.

Jonathan Williams-Delightfully Daisy: Jonathan’s business produces gourmet dog treats with 100% human-grade ingredients. Due to the demand from wholesale and retail customers Jonathan seeks funding to scale his business to meet the ever growing demand.

Jeff & Teena Stewart-Java Journey: Java Journey is an existing non-profit coffee shop ministry. Their goal is to obtain capital to grow the roasting business, which will allow them to share their ministry by reaching more people and offering jobs and skills to the unemployed.

Andrew Harren-Flip Frame Media: Andrew has developed a media model that uses 15 inch HD monitors in high traffic locations to display company’s advertising messages. Test marketing of the product has been well received. Andrew is seeking capital to expand his business by purchasing and installing 50-200 additional Flip Frames over the next two years.

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