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Friday, September 13, 2013

Catawba County by the Numbers - Test

Went to this "State of Catawba County" meeting on Tuesday that was sponsored by the Catawba County Interagency Council. The meeting was held at the Conover Station, a fitting place to be on 9/11 with the 9/11 Memorial they have there. Had a Spaghetti lunch provided by Austin Pearce of the Hickory Soup Kitchen. It was a nice event and Catawba County Manager Tom Lundy summarized the Demographic, Economic, and Social status of the area by providing the following interactive quiz and then providing the answers.

I will let you look this over and see if you can match up the answers and tomorrow I will provide the answers as summarized by County Manager Lundy along with the audio of his presentation.

The following is a summary of the Interagency Council mission (Click the picture to magnify).

Below is a Membership application form if interested (Click the picture to magnify).

On Saturday, the Citizen's For Equity in Government is sponsoring a meet the Candidates forum. You are invited to attend. Information below.

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