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Monday, September 23, 2013

Payola Well Crafted - The Backwards Coalition - Part 2 - Submitted by Common Sense

Another evening and another e-mail from this person who has said that they frequently view the Hound. As I have stated before, they have said they personally know the Mayor and Council. They stated they could not post this information with their name for fear of reprisal. As with the information posted yesterday, I have verified that the contributions to these candidates by these people are accurate. This is an individual commenters opinion. It doesn't necessarily reflect my own opinion. I do feel that the information presented is relevant. You are responsible for coming to your own conclusions.

Submitted by Common Sense

... So in tallying up the campaign contributions for the candidates to-date, the familiarity of the names of those contributors was interesting. Let's think. Where have we seen this kind of "free speech" before and at these levels?

Allow me to take you back in time, not so very long ago. If you'll recall, during last year's Ward Referendum a group which called themselves the No Steps Backwards Coalition ("It's Important!") formed to ensure that Hickory maintain it's lily white united front. I say "lily white" but that's not completely fair. You see, these people are as equally proud of the green in their wallets as the shade of their skin - too far? Forgive me then.

At any rate, I present to you an amended list of contributors - same candidates, same names. Only this time I present for your amusement No Steps Backwards Coalition contributions too.

***NSBC contributions in red***

Mayor Rudy Wright: (gave $500 page 6, disbursed $517.01 to A Sign Co page 15 - net gain of $17.01)
Benny Yount - $500 ($1000 page 10 - owner of Paramount Auto Group)
Sue Redmond - $200 "Best Attempt" ($100 "Best Attempt" page 3)
Mike Johnson - $750 ($1000 page 12)
D. E. Eidson - $500
William Pitts - $100
Don Norwood - $500 ($400 page 10)

Hank Guess:
David Eidson - $500
Mike Johnson -$500 ($1000 page 12)
Don Norwood - $250 ($400 page 10)
Chip Fotheringham $100
Dean Proctor - $250 ($200 page 7)
Nancy Willingham - $200
Jeff Cline - $200 ($750 page 4)
Sue Redmond - $200 Retired ($100 page 3)

David Zagaroli:

William Pitts $100
Don Norwood $500 ($400 page 10)
Barbara Garlitz $300
Sue Redmond $200 VP Operations @ TCS Designs ($100 "Best Attempt" page 3)
Coke Gunter $500

So there you have it. Draw your own conclusions. Who REALLY has the ear of your elected officials? Do you have the $$$ to play? How much are you willing to contribute so that you too can serve on an advisory committee? Folks, I understand most of us don't have the disposable income that these campaign contributors have. I know I don't. But folks, we all have a vote - and an obligation to make sure that vote counts.

I would ask each of you to truly research ALL the candidates. Read about them. Visit their websites, Facebook pages, email them, call them. Don't let the lack of disposable income stop you from participating. You may not be able to write that $1,000-check or even the $20-check, but please reach out to those running to change Hickory for the better. A simple email could easily do wonders for a candidates morale. It's time to give the Good Guys a chance

Mayoral Candidates:
Ernie Masche - Phone: 828-855-1911 - email:
Website: - (facebook page) - twitter:
10 Questions w/ Hickory Hound

Jody Inglefield - Phone: 828-459-6530 - email:
Website: -
10 Questions w/Hickory Hound - Platform for 21st Century Hickory

Jeff Brittain - Phone: 828-270-9005 -  email: 
Website: - (facebook page) -  
twitter: @brittainformayor - 10 Questions w/Hickory Hound

Candace Harold - Phone: 828-409-7242 - Website: - (facebook page)

Terry Revels - Phone: 828-322-8472

Ward 5:
Joe Brannock - Phone: 828-455-3789 - Website: - (facebook page)

Mike Robbins - Phone: 828-312-4393

Ward 4:
Anetia Wright - Phone: 828-238-0306  (facebook page) - 10 Questions w/ Hickory Hound
Crystal Killian - Phone: 828-228-5326 - e-mail:  Video of Crystal

Breaking news - What I will show you next is pretty shocking. Remember how the Backwards Coalition was saying the Citizens for Equity in Government was ACORN during the referendum? Well wait til you see what I've got on the person that was behind all of that. It will bring all of this into razor sharp focus. Stay tuned!

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