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Friday, February 28, 2014

An Addendum to Reality

I appreciated this awesome e-mail response to Land of the Greed and the Home of the Slaves - I will keep the author Anonymous, but I agree with what was stated and wanted to share it. There is a lot of thought and intellect put into this response and it will fly over 90%+ of this community's heads.

Dear Thom,

It’s always darkest before the dawn. No more posting in the middle of the night!

I think you might be getting off on the wrong track when you say that “working class” people are at the mercy of the “white collar” people. This divisionary tactic is one we must not fall for. We are all in this together and we have to be careful that we do not encourage division between classes, races, religions, age groups, etc. We need to recognize the real enemy: the international cabal of the corrupt banksters, the corporatocracy, the oligarchy, whatever name you want to use. No matter how you name them, they are still corrupt gangsters outside of the law who do whatever they like and whose power needs to be utterly broken.

This relatively small group of people intends to destroy the world country by country by gaining total control of the populations and then remaking the world according to their own plans and they have been stealthily working at it for many years. Remember that these people are not Americans, no matter what their passport might say. They are motivated only by power and control. Their immediate concern is to crush all competition and they have no moral compass to distinguish right and wrong. Their goal is a “new world order,” which they intend to control for their own benefit. The people will truly be slaves, as you said.

All media is controlled by them through just a handful of corporations: television, radio, print, and film. Through the media they have been able to brainwash Americans with their propaganda and through poisoning our water, food and environment they have made us weaker and less able to resist. But something has blossomed fairly recently that has caused them concern and slowed their plans: the Internet. The internet gave rise to the alternative media and people can learn the truth for the first time. The global cabal want to control the internet too and will do everything in their power to obtain this control. This is where we must stop them and this is where you have been playing an important part, Thom.

I know your focus is local, right here in Hickory and that is what we need; but Hickory’s economic problems can be traced back to these people and you must never let your readers forget this. Their jobs were destroyed by a combination of technology and NAFTA.

Several experts say that today we have the technology to give every person in the world the basic things they need to live a decent life. The global elite is controlling the technology and they intend to use it for themselves and to their benefit only. We have the technology to enable people to work only a few days a week if it were allowed to flower. They want one world government controlled by them and a max of 2 million people on the planet.

What can we do? Keep exposing the FED cartel and boycott their banks. Boycott the news networks and do everything we can to use and protect the Internet and keep it free. Support a strong military for defense only and speak out when you see it used aggressively abroad to destabilize nations. Make your home and car as self-sustainable as possible. Put no faith in the political system as we know both sides of the aisle, all branches and all levels have been co-opted by the global elite. When you keep it real (as you said), you will know that you can’t believe anything they tell you and you will have to do your own research.

Here in Hickory we need information about what’s really going on and I depend on the Hickory Hound to supply the information. I want to see the maps, drawings, renderings of Inspiring Spaces as well as information about the costs. Your recording of the Council meetings got things started, but now you can scale back and just make comments on parts that concern you. It looks like a lot of work and you could use your energy elsewhere. I’m really pleased to see the changes in the HDR now that we have a new editor and he has hired two new reporters. He promised more election coverage and it seems he is trying to carry through. Considering who owns the paper, he probably has to walk a fine line, but he wants to do a good job.

What we need is a critical mass of people who understand what’s going on behind the scenes and simply don’t fall for the standard explanations they are given. You have played an important part in waking me up. Primary elections are coming up soon and we need more information about who is running. Greg Brannon was a Constitutionalist who recently was brought to court on corruption charges from an incident in the past. No matter what they say, I feel he was deliberately knocked out of the race by the powers that be. They are very much afraid of the “Tea Party” and continue to seek to destroy it. It’s things like this we need to expose.

Have a good week and get some sleep!

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