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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Joe Fox - Desperate Robocalls do nothing to help ones cause or move a community forward

We've seen the future and it's the same as the past. We can expect it to happen again during the upcoming bond referendum process that Hickory Inc. is pushing forward with. Listen to Hickory Inc.'s chosen candidate in an 11th hour desperate, night before the election, robocall; where he tried to evoke fear and hatred by mischaracterizing a person's support of a single issue.

Thank You Hickory Area citizens, by a vote of more than 4 to 1 margin, you rejected this type of fear based, lowball politics.

Mr. Fox, your mother is one of the greatest community organizers that this community has ever known. She is one of a handful of people who spearheaded the Hickory Downtown Development Association movement; which is one of the, if not THE, most powerful political forces in the Hickory Community. She also spearheaded the movement towards local neighborhoods having their own associations to (drum roll please!!!) organize. I also remember seeing your mother at both Clinton and Obama events in photographs. Besides that, I have never heard anything but admiration come from Jay Adams mouth, when it comes to speaking about your mother's passion for the community.

Mr. Adams was never a part of the CEG. He has never attended a meeting of the CEG, other than one meeting that was open to the public (that means everyone) in which ward specific voting was talked about. He did voice his support of the referendum on ward specific voting. I won't debate the merits of ward specific voting in this post, other than to say that there is nothing radical about it. There are plenty of communities that vote that way throughout the United States.

I've seen the list of people who endorsed Jay Adams and many of those people stood staunchly against the referendum. I am sure that those people were not happy that you were basically lumping them in with the Citizens for Equity in Government. Again, I will not get into how Hickory Inc. has unfairly mischaracterized the CEG and created a rift in this community.

If you compare Jay Adams to Barack Obama, then you certainly don't know Jay Adams -- or you are lying.  If people want to move this community forward, then it is time to call out and put a stop to these disingenuous political practices.

1 comment:

Harry Hipps said...

Not a surprise. If you can't build yourself up, then tear others down. It's a shame that Mr. Fox didn't come up with good themes and positive reasons to vote for him and had to resort to the worse impulses and tactics that are employed in politics today. These tactics are what turn people off and create an environment where we fight each other rather than try to find solutions to our challenges. Good thing that Fox has very little support.