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Sunday, August 24, 2014

Economic Relevance -- Some things slip through

Hollar Hosiery - 3 months ago - missed this one

NC developer, filmmaker seeks $1.1M in film incentives to pay for rehab of old mill
- Raleigh News and Observer - J. Andrew Curliss - May 26, 2014
- Of the dozens of film projects in North Carolina that have sought millions in taxpayer film subsidies since 2005, one stands out for the unusual way the producer says he spent the money: on construction workers, bricks and mortar to transform an old hosiery mill in Hickory from a vacant eyesore into a valuable piece of commercial real estate.                       The more than $4 million in construction activity at the mill was part of filming for episodes of a reality TV show that promised to take viewers into the ups and downs of remaking historic buildings. The docudrama TV project, known as “The Preservationist,” was filmed two years ago.                 It has not aired and, as of this month, is not lined up for distribution. A website related to the show has been suspended and trailers online are marked “private.”                       The film project is seeking $1.1 million in state film incentives, according to reports filed with the state Department of Revenue and an interview with the show’s producer and starring character, Nathan Kirby of Gastonia.                    Kirby’s primary line of work is in real estate, including as a developer who rehabs old buildings. As a sideline, he has had an interest in producing and acting in lower-budget films.                   At one point, he told state officials that his TV show project needed the subsidy and could mean “hundreds of millions of investment” and “thousands of jobs,” which had the head of the state’s film office saluting the project as a “legitimate production venture.”                   Kirby ultimately reported far less in spending and jobs. The claim filed with state officials listed 14 people employed for the show.

Kirby said state officials who approve film subsidies are now auditing his reality show’s receipts and other information and have not yet approved his claim. He said he is facing scrutiny because of his dual role as a historic buildings developer and film producer.

Kirby said he followed all the r

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1 comment:

Harry Hipps said...

This was reported by the Charlotte Observer as well some months ago. It is getting to the point that if we run any type of business or generate any income we want taxpayer money to reward us instead of the sober thinking about if the rewards will be worth the risks and effort. It's not a surprise because giving tax money ("incentives") has been standard business practice for larger corporations for a while now and it's no wonder smaller fish are wanting to get on the gravy train.
Put it together with the large and growing number of workers in the public sector which the private economy funds, the large government involvement in retirement, medicine, and education and we have a huge mess that does some of everything poorly,wastefully and expensively, instead of fewer things that the do well. Thinking about the role of government, individuals, families, businesses, church and civic organizations and how we should restructure for the modern era is badly needed. And the polarized, partisan, media driven arguing we have isn't getting it done.