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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Catawba Valley Medical Center and the Doctors

Dear Citizens of Catawba County:

Did you know that your FREEDOM to choose your own physician in Catawba County has just been lost? Did you know that the your elected officials,the Catawba County Commissioners, through their appointed board, the unelected Trustees for Catawba Valley Medical Center, have removed your choice of physician?

This means Catawba Valley Medical Center hospital(CVMC) has abruptly closed their equipment and schedules to physicians who have helped build their reputation and are responsible for the quality of care at CVMC. If you care about your health and wellness this should frighten you!

This arbitrary and capricious move by the hospital administration and the Board's denying of your RIGHT to have your doctor care for you in OUR PUBLIC hospital is a terrible mistake, perhaps in some cases it could be fatal. This decision was made without consulting or informing the medical staff who are responsible for the quality and credentialing of all the medical staff. One of the most sacred and important relationships regarding your health is your relationship with your doctor. The doctor-patient relationship is under attack by your local elected officials!

Don't wait until the next emergency strikes for you or one of your loved ones. It might be too late or fatal. Contact your elected officials today; those who answer to you the voters. CVMC is your hospital. Your taxes built it and keep it running. Ask the county commissioners how and why they allowed your FREEDOM of choice to be torn from your grasp?

Ask the candidates where they stand on this critical issue regarding the health and wellness of your family and everyone who lives and works in the Catawba Valley. Profits should never come before patient safety and health. Remember, the people who make these decisions should be held accountable and answer to you.

Wake up Hickory! Wake up Conover and Newton! The British are coming, at least their medical system is coming!!!


This message was sent to me by a local Doctor. I don't think he will mind if I add the following in relation to their communicating this issue to me:

I don't know if you have heard about the medical blow-up at Catawba Valley Medical Center? They started their own cardiology group and as of September 1st they have cut out the rest of the doctors in the area from being allowed to use the hospital equipment (i.e. no procedures like cardiac caths, EKGs, etc.). The cardiologists and a few others are affected, for now. This is big and very important for the health of the county. Losing the right to choose your own doctor is at stake. It maybe a done deal and no chance to reverse, but I think if people of the county get up in arms that could change. I think it would be good for your blog to break this news story?

1 comment:

wandaarnold1716 said...

Thank you Thom and thanks to the doctor for alerting us to this development at CVMC. I have sent a link to Charlotte Williams, who is running for a seat on the Catawba County Board of Commissioners this November, and urged her to reply, stating her position on this issue.

Charlotte says that there has not been a representative from Hickory on the County Board for a long time; but many of the people serving there have been there for a very long time. She feels that representatives of the people need to serve for a few terms and then give others a chance to serve. This is the only way we will get the new ideas that so badly need a hearing.

Charlotte is an Associate Dean and Professor at Lenoir-Rhyme and is an expert on Social Work. She may have some good ideas. Currently she is Vice-Chair of the Hickory School Board. As far as I can see, she is her own person and will make decisions for the good of Catawba County.