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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Jay Adams - Candidate 96th NC House District - First Talk with Hal Row

I have known Jay Adams for several years now. He was a participant in the Future Economy Council and that was where I first formally met him. Jay is an idea guy. He is very approachable and easy to talk to and he is very knowledgeable about local property development. You see an ACRES sign, that is Jay Adams.

This is his interview on Hal Row this morning. He talks about the hot topics in relation to primary education and the medicare expansion issue. He talks about the uncertainty in education and says teachers want to teach. He is conditioned to identify economic opportunity. He wants to sell Hickory in Raleigh. He wants the expansion of Highway 16 to Charlotte to become a priority. Jay says there is so much (too much) hyperbole in Raleigh. You have to sit at the table to "hear it for real." He talks about his being the best candidate because he knows the area and he has the experience.

Jay wanted to make the point, "that he is the candidate that will return results creating jobs and expanding the economy, because he has actual experience doing it."

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