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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Platform for a 21st Century Hickory - City Funding of Non-Profit Agencies

8) Non-Profit Agencies applying for funding from or through the city, utilizing City Resources, whether grants or loans, must be willing to open their books and be subject to an audit (if necessary). Agencies, after a defined period (after start-up), would not be able to receive funding in consecutive years from the city.

We have seen Housing and Urban Developments (HUD) grants consistently go to the same entities without other organizations given due consideration. This happens annually during a city council meeting held in June. These are Federal Government grants that are filtered through the city government and there needs to be more transparency relating to the reasoning involving the allocation of these funds. We need to know who staff didn't recommend as well as who they obviously recommended.

We have also seen allocations directly budgeted and funded from the City of Hickory to the same community organizations annually. The requests for funding take place in February of each year. Essentially, over the years, we have seen that the presentations are the same with plugged in numbers. No one is saying that these entities aren't deserving . We would all just like to hear from all organizations looking for funding and we would like to see the Public-Private funding mechanisms encouraged and expanded.

As has been stated here before. Hickory Inc. should not be in the business of picking winners and losers; choosing favorites based upon relationships and such. If the city is going to participate in the funding of non-profit endeavors, then it must expand its outreach at the same time it ensures that these agencies are not dependent upon the city for their existence.

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