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Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Manufacturing Solutions Center manufactures Jobs

Dan St. Louis is a member of the Future Economy Council of Catawba County and the head of the Manufacturing Solutions Center (MSC). He, along with Donald Duncan, Conover's City Manager, gave a presentation about the relocation of the MSC to the Conover station Development on February 17, 2011 to the Future Economy Council.

Both of these developments in the past here on this blog, but this is a thorough presentation, in which Dan and Donald describe what the mission of the MSC is and what future goals of the MSC will be. The MSC is a public-private partnership that enables business and government to come together and share costs of expensive testing, which reduces costs to do business and allows these businesses to put out a better product at a lower cost. This will help create jobs for our region.

The mission of the Manufacturing Solutions Center (MSC) is to help US manufacturers increase sales, improve quality and improve efficiency to create or retain jobs.

This is accomplished by:

* Enhancing and improving products through research and development
* Assisting in creating prototypes for new, innovative offerings
* Analyzing new materials to enhance structure and programs
* Testing products for reliable content and quality
* Training personnel for lean manufacturing processes and supply chain efficiencies
* Providing a forum for rollout of new 21st century technologies
* Providing hands-on guidance for international marketing, sales and military procurement
* Providing photo-realistic renderings and visualizations
* Creating 3-Dimensional rapid prototypes in a variety of materials
* Industry advocacy

Bringing manufacturing into the NEW ERA of changing technologies, global marketing and production innovations.

The following is Dan's presentation in a slide show format:

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