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Thursday, August 19, 2010

August Rant - Losing the Economic Battle against Chinese Slave Labor

This is how the Corporatocracy would have us live:

Living in Barren Dormitories. We are taught about the shanty houses that African Slaves were exposed to in the Old South and how those conditions were unacceptable. What is the difference between those houses and these conditions?

The workers are working twelve hours a day, seven days a week doing piece work. And they are earning about $300 per month. Even in a developing nation that doesn't sound like a valid wage to me.

This is not Free Trade. This is Slave Trade. How is anyone other than the Pimps from Wall Street, the Global Elite and their willing prostitutes in Washington and other World Capitals benefitting from this. This is the race to the bottom. This is the giant sucking sound. You can feel it. You can feel the energy of our great nation evaporating.

Do you enjoy your Ipod or your Ipad?

Apple iPod Factory Suicides - All the Latest News - 5/17/2010
Apple's parts supplier Foxconn faces more controversy - Daily Tech - 5/19/2010
Foxconn Installs Anti-Suicide Nets at Its Facilities - Daily Tech - 6/29/2010
Apple Reveals Child Labor was Used to Build iPods, iPhones, and Macs - Daily Tech - 3/3/2010
Foxconn stages anti-suicide rallies - Fortune - 8/18/2010

China Swallows Obama Stimulus Meant for U.S. Economy: Andy Xie - Bloomberg - 8/17/2010
Video on Youtube

The Hound wants you to understand that Trickle Down Economics does not work, because the economy is being manipulated by the richest 1/10th of a percent of the people in this World and these people are more interested in Speculative (Derivative-Gambling) economics than real world productive economics.

Who has benefitted from the offshoring of jobs? Prices of Goods may have only increased moderately, but wages have not kept up with real inflation. And what good is it to keep prices down, if a person can't keep their job.

The Wall Streeters and the Politicians are telling us to eat cake, while they have destroyed the American marketplace. It is just as I heard Paul Craig Roberts, the father of Reaganomics, state yesterday, the Elite have fouled their own nest (Deceptive Economic Statistics: While the economists lied the US economy died - Prison Planet - 8/18/2010).

The Elite Financiers of the World do not want to pull the rest of the World up to the ideals and standards of the brand known as "America." They want to pull us down to the standards of Third World Nations and treat us as slaves. They will point to how little the Chinese workers earn and how much they work as though it is a good thing. Do you want to live like that?

Our Economic reckoning is coming to a head. In my grandiose vision there would be an awakening, but it feels like that is too much to ask for, people will not recognize catastrophic Economic circumstances until they are upon them and then it will be too late. The criminality and corruption that we have seen for years is going to have to be dealt with. We need tariffs on these foreign slave goods. We need to rebuild the infrastructure and productive capacity of our country. We must reinstitute sound financial policy and the cherished freedoms bestowed upon us by our forefathers.

Praise Jesus Almighty that he spares us with pity, because we have forsaken the Light with our material decadence and I honestly do believe that.

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