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Monday, October 25, 2010

City Pools issue displays Local Officials' Myopic Views

Sprinkle or dunk? No. I’m not trying to start an argument between Catholics and Baptists on baptism, I’m referring to the discussion on the pools in Hickory. It is clear that the citizens want several pools in different parts of the City. I spoke many times about this in my run for City Council. The reasons should be obvious.

The Mayor and numerous City officials have referred to kids cooling off during the hot summer months. With their usual myopia, they ignore the elderly who want to exercise without jarring their skeletal systems or aggravating their arthritis, the disabled who would like activity that doesn’t hurt their backs, serious athletes who want to train for aquatic sports, and other interests besides the youths of our community. A splash pad may be an option for some, but as recent surveys and meetings show, pools are the choice of the community.

I believe the City government does not want to do this because of cost, liability, and the desire to not be responsible for managing the pools. I don’t buy the notion that people would not use the facilities if built. As several people have pointed out, when the pools were open maintenance was shoddy and the paperwork seems to be in shambles. There was no effort put into programs like swimming lessons, synchronized swimming, etc.

Numerous citizens have addressed Council on this issue and the recent Jackson Group survey confirms that this is what the people want. The question is: will City government ramrod their wishes and plans onto the public or are they really listening to the public? This will be a telling moment in the dialogue between the government and the governed.

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