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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Broken Banks = Broken United States Economic System = You

Many of you will look to my article from earlier this week entitled Gold!!! - Next stop $2,000 and think boy did he have it wrong after Gold fell back to $1,710. Well Gold finished above $1,825 today. What a wild swing. Do you think this is normal? No! Precious metals will continue to escalate, because our money is be devalued before our very eyes. The Powers that shouldn't Be can continue with these games, but the laws of nature are not going to allow this game to last forever. If one reverse engineers all that we have seen, one will realize that the markets are being fully manipulated at this point and there is no way out of this mess other than to prosecute these criminals who have fraudulently debased our currency and gutted our industry. I will stand on my record of the last 3 years. Nothing has changed, because the leaders of this nation have represent the Banks and Wall Street Executives not the other 99.9% of us.

The following videos are from Max Keiser and Nomi Prins. I have had several articles in which I have pointed towards the thoughts and presentations of information from Max Keiser, You can follow his articles at The second video sequence is an interview from Alex Jones's show of Nomi Prins who used to be a Managing Partner with Goldman Sachs. She has written a book detailing the practices of the banking cartel, which of course includes Goldman Sachs, entitled It Takes a Pillage. Her website is

There are rumors abound that Bank of America is now fully insolvent. The rumors state that JP Morgan-Chase is about ready to take over BoA. As many of you have seen Warren Buffet invested $5 billion in BoA this week. Warren Buffett is already heavily invested in Wells Fargo. His ivestment in BoA and subsequent statements are dead giveaways that something dire is happening behind the scenes. In studying economics for most of my life, I can tell you that the history of rescued failing corporations shows that Buffet saying that BoA's balance sheet is in good working order is the proverbial Kiss of Death.

Folks, if you are going to attempt to only get your news from the Presstitutes of the Lame Stream media, then there really isn't much that can be done for you. We are seeing a quickening of events. I think it is the result of the explosion of population that has happened over the last century plus. We are all exponential beings bouncing off of one another like kinetic atoms. What we all do affects not only the people we experience every day, but also the people that they experience.

Life is not wrapped up in a few words in an article in a newspaper or in 21 minutes of nightly news. Life is infinity. Why am I telling you this? Because when we allow people to do bad things and they infect the people around them, then it spreads like a contagion. This Ponzi economy contagion that we are all experiencing today is at the point of becoming a plague. It is way past the stage of being an epidemic. It has permeated every crack and crevice of our society. A fully wrecked economy is going to make life as we know it cease to exist. Life is going to be very tough, but doing nothing about what is going on today is going to mean the unnecessary struggle and ultimate death of many people who touch your life. These broken banks affect the viability of our government, our society, and ultimately each and every one of our lives.

Max Keiser & Alex Jones: 1 2 3 "Global Meltdown"

Journalist Nomi Prins: Blankfein Hires Criminal-Defense Lawyer to Save His Skin

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