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Saturday, December 31, 2011

The Trends for 2012

We have been at this for a while now. Including the original Letters to the Editor in the local Paper, we are entering the 6th year of providing information on all levels of government and society. We have grown fairly well over this time. Sure, I wish we could grow faster and certainly this sometimes feels like a daunting task, but through persistence and perseverance, we will continue pushing forward through 2012.

What worries me is people's denial. I don't mind being labeled, but folks what good does it do you to throw out simplistic labels with no definition. People with ideas that you don't understand aren't radicals. People that will kill you, maim you, and imprison you are radicals. People with ideas that you don't agree with are people with another point of view. They might have a different perspective. They might be prescient. They might be on the cutting edge. Maybe you are the person with the problem.

When I listen to others and look at all of the inputs, I have a feeling that if you feel that 2011 was a wild ride, well you ain't seen nuthin' yet. It doesn't look like the real economy is turning around. Sure they can spin the job numbers, but the number one trend that I see involving society is that paper means nothing. Paper is not a valuable physical asset. Go write an IOU to a friend and then tear it up. Promissory notes, Deeds, and anything that must be notarized is still paper and it can easily be deemed worthless if all hell breaks loose. When the Government provides you a promise it is only as good as their word and that changes with the wind. It is the same thing when any Incorporated Entity (Including the Government) provides you with statistical data... Garbage in, Garbage out... Liars, Damned Liars, and Fools. GET OUT OF PAPER!!!

The next piece of advice that you should heed is to quit getting your information from media who do not provide in depth information. If you come to me and tell me that you heard something from a television news broadcast, then I will consider it hearsay. Most information provided on this blog is multi-sourced. Local investigative information is sometimes not, but it is either eye-witnessed or comes from reliable sources who I have been able to trust. I also separate events from opinion. You don't get that, for the most part, from electronic media. My job as an information source is to point to subjects, hopefully  pique your curiosity, point to other sources, and hope that you will inform yourself and maybe become a source point for me and this network in the future.

Why do I think that the upcoming year will be a wild ride?

1) Election in chaos - Most people are not satisfied with President Obama. His approval rating is in the low 40% range and his disapproval is in the upper 40% to over 50% range. That should mean real difficulties for him with 7+ months to the Convention and 10 months to the election, but the Republicans have no clear frontrunner and most candidates down in the 20% range. People are very dissatisfied with their choices and this dissatifaction is going to lead to anger as the economy continues to faulter.

2) The Government can't paper over the Depression anymore. In the past 3 years, we have seen the National Debt increased by $4.5 trillion from $10.6 trillion to the current $15.1 trillion and Obama is asking for an increase in the debt ceiling to $16.8 trillion. The Debt Ceiling had just been increased by $2.4 trillion on July 31, 2011. So, we have basically blown through $2.4 trillion in 5 months. That should logically tell you when you add things up that we are running a $5.76 trillion dollar deficit (12months in a year/5 months since July* $2.4 trillion), at least...  And are you feeling any improvement in the economy? A Ponzi Scheme by any other name is still a Ponzi Scheme. We are on a Parabolic Curve of Debt with no purpose. In the end it will break our currency and it will leave the economy in tatters.

3) No control over the economy - What I expressed to you above should scare the living bejesus out of you, but what is even scarier is that the government which is supposed to represent us has no control over our currency, because it has no control over the monetary supply. The Federal Reserve can manipulate the currency in any way it sees fit and The Federal Reserve is not an Entity of the United States Government. It is a Cartel that represents the handfull of megabanks that basically rule the economic world. To understand where we are today go read Ben Bernanke's speech before the National Economic Club on November 21, 2002 entitled Deflation - Making sure it doesn't happen here. We are at the mercy of a man's self-fulfilling theory. He is debasing the currency upon exactly what is expressed in this speech.

4) If you can't control the economy, then you have to control the people - If Fed Chairman Bernanke's prophecy above is fulfilled, then you are going to see a debasement of the currency along the lines of the scheme pulled by the Federal Reserve in 1933 in conjunction with Franklin Roosevelt's administration. People were made to turn in their gold. On April 5, 1933, Roosevelt signed Executive Order 6102, which ordered people to turn in their gold to the government at payment of $20.67 per ounce. Shortly after issuing his order, Roosevelt increased the price to $35 an ounce. That is a 69.3% debasement of the currency that happened in one fell swoop. We have already seen inflation take hold in commodities. Look at the increases in the price of food, precious metals, and fuel that have taken place over the last several years. You are the boiling frog. and the water is simmering. People are going to get angry and the government is going to attempt to control the dissent through their Homeland Security mechanism. They have taken advantage of the fear created after 9/11 and fostered it. They never cared about protecting the American people. They have only cared about protecting the government. Big Brother is watching over you. Does that make you feel better?

5) The World in turmoil - What happens with fuel prices if the fuse is lit with Iran. I see people everywhere saying that we should go ahead and fight Iran. What about the shaky situation with China. The United States and the mega corporations turned China into the giant it is today. Some of it was done to neutralize the power of the USSR, but much of it was done to offshore our manufacturing economy in the name of cheap labor and huge profits for the Wall Streeters. Now, China has made deals with Russia, India, and Japan to make direct economic trades without utilizing the US Dollar as a reserve currency. That does not bode well for the Dollar, but why should the Dollar be the Reserve Currency with the way it has been manipulated?

The Hound summarizes: It is hard to see from the darkness when you have your head firmly entrenched in your backside. I began the year by listening to an older gentleman waxing nostalgic about the glory days of yesteryear. How he liked the way things were and how we just need to tweak around the edges to get back to what we had. He didn't like the idea of transformation.

What this gentleman fails to realize is that we are not the transformers. What he is witnessing is evolution. We do not make the changes. We are chasing the evolution of the planet attempting to adapt in order to survive. We will either figure out a way to survive or we won't survive. It is as simple as that. So you can stand in the way of this evolutionary process, but if you fail to figure out how to ride this wave, then it is going to squash you like a bug. If you are scared, get out of the way. Do not impede the rest of us from trying to figure this thing out. 'Tis better to get in the back and ride than to drive us face first into the wave.

No Fear Baby!!! No Fear!

1 comment:

Silence DoGood said...

Change. It takes and comes in many forms. I often wonder how many times it takes place merely for the sake of. How many times does change occur simply because someone who has the power to make it happen? Because they someone wishes to leave their indelible mark upon posterity as a lasting testament to themselves. How many times I often wonder. But the inevitable conclusion that comes from all of that expenditure of gray matter machination is that change, like it or not, embrace it or not, want it not, will come. Just like the sun rising, we all eventually finding the answer to the God question, and taxes, so too is change one of those omnipotent constants in the universe.

Humans categorically are resistant to change. It means new, it means unknown, it is unfamiliar, foreign, and strange. It means something in contrast to what we are used to, depended on, and have used or embraced many times. But change comes nonetheless. We can rebel against the inevitable, we can soapbox and stump our derision to it, and we can find 563,729 reasons change is bad, wrong, and untimely. But it will come, remember, it’s constant. Timeliness, relevance, and rationality are all factors contemporaneous to change and facilitate it. Not change merely for the sake of. And we should remember that change is not instantaneous, at least change that has far reaching and deep societal impact and consequence. I think that we have lost sight of that aspect of how the world works as we seek instant gratification and indulgence in our whims and desires.

Our little blue ball has been around for about 4 billion years. We have only engaged in our industrial revolution for approximately 175 years now. And look at the impact that we’ve had thus far. We pursue money and possessions as symbols of our success with reckless abandon and all the tact of a steamroller. We poison our water, air, and land and invent things in an attempt to mitigate our transgressions. We insist on things as archaic as pets’ rights then we deny things like healthcare for the elderly, education to those who will eventually be in charge the children, and the poor food and shelter and try to rationalize all of it as being the right thing to do.

I hope that as we move into 2012, this sense of doom of despair permeating the year turns out to be so much ado about nothing. That as we glide toward the inevitable choices to be made in November, that we are cognizant that we will get what it is we ask for, so we should be careful with what it is we ask. I know that change is coming to us all. I hope that it is planned, rationalized, and serves to make us all better for our own sake, our world, and with each other. We are what make our world, be it for better or for worse. We lose sight of that in our pursuits and wishes. Hopefully it will be in 2012 that we keep that in mind as we go about our change.