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Thursday, February 21, 2013

20130219 - Hickory City Council Video Presentation - Now Includes City's own audio presentation - HOO RAY

The Hound - Now we are up to a 3/4 check on Video Presentations of Council, because they are now putting out the audio of the meeting and the audio is excellent quality. Begs to ask why this wasn't happening 3 or 4 years ago, but they should be congratulated for finally making it to the first decade of the 21st century. Now we need to head on up to 2013 and get this done. It will be to everyone's benefit to do so.

This will give me part of my life back and I am very much appreciative of that. Hoo Ray, Hoo Ray, Hoo Ray. We will get the Newsletter about the City Council meeting out shortly to provide commentary on the proceedings of this meeting.


Harry Hipps said...

Glad to see this finally happen. This is a step towards the open government Hickory has claimed to have but doesn't really have.

Hopefully, the important issue of the number of conflict of interests that exists will be able to rise as an issue on the public's radar.

Although recording meetings for the public is years behind the curve, it's a good, if belated, development.

Anonymous said...

Right you are gentlemen. Of course, the ability has been there the entire time, just not the want to. Depending on the recording equipment being utilized, it is a small matter to convert those files into .wma format and simply post them.

Whatever the reason(s), they didn't want to. Just like they could stream the meetings live on their website if they so choose; they choose not.

But this is a baby step forward regardless.

James Thomas Shell said...


None of us want the meetings broadcast live and that has never been the point. If you want to see it live, then you have the opportunity to go to the meeting and I hope people who can will still do that.

This is for people who can't get there for whatever reason and for archival purposes and for more people to have an opportunity to have a clue about what is happening with their government first hand and not second and third and so on hand. It is about time shifting; the same as you do with a VCR and DVR.

We will still record the meeting to ensure there is no selective editing, but this is an excellent step forward. I believe that in times to come that the people who were reluctant to see this happen will come around and agree that this is/was a good thing.

Anonymous said...

I know they'll never broadcast live or stream. Can you imagine what a can of worms that would open when the Mayor goes off on one of his little foot stomping tirades or shifts from Mayor to Torquemada? It wouldn't help preserve the Grand Illusion in Hickory.

I was just making point of what they could do, since I know they have the capability, not that they'll ever do it. You know, to make inroads toward that whole 'glasnost' concept. Certainly all that can attend should. A recording simply doesn't do the process justice.

Right you are about information sourcing. It should always come first hand. I think that is why I despise this modern information age so much. Too many times, we are told what to think rather than simply being given all the information to think about.