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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

I ain't the one slapping your silly faces

Cyprus Americana

They take your money for their schemes and you just stand there with a **** eatin' grin.


Anonymous said...

I listened to the video this morning and then and read about Cyprus and what has been pulled off. I find it remarkable that wholesale asset confiscation, in the absence of some felonious act to have previously acquired it, can happen. That’s what started me thinking this morning about how we’re being slammed. Not just by government, which has made more than one appearance on these pages as the ersatz whipping boy and ne’er do well villain, that passed that negotiated, drafted, and passed the legislation that allowed business to do what it’s done, but business itself. And we are still making concession to business. By ‘we’, I mean us, the very same people that all of this has adversely affected. Those of you that spent a lifetime making furniture or socks, or watched your parents do so, for not even a decent median wage and then finally, as your part of the pie started to reach parity with other places in the nation and industrialized countries, saw the rug snatched right out from under your feet. And there are organizations dedicated to the premise of promoting, attracting, and facilitating business and that business/government relationship even more. Haven’t they done enough? Well, if you look at Cyprus, apparently not. There’s just a little bit of money left to a few that aren’t clustered in that upper income bracket and they want it now.

Has anyone paused to consider what it costs to bring one container ship from say, Hong Kong to San Diego? Factoring no other thing than just fuel, it costs over 2 million dollars just for fuel, one way, for that ship to come from China. Every item on that ship has that additional cost burden added to it to pay for the cost of the item… even before it hits the shelf at Wal-Mart. And as China grows and their demand for fuel becomes even greater, so too will our burden at the pump and the price of the goods made there. Off-shoring manufacturing wasn’t for my benefit, nor for the benefit of anyone that has cause to read this I’m willing to wager. But look what its done to your life. Look at the pump, look at the store, look at what you are settling for in life rather than what you should be enjoying your life as. More and more, we are struggling just to survive. That whole living life well, enjoying the fruits of your labors is all going just to provide the necessary means of subsistence; food, energy, shelter, transportation. No, the latest igadget is not in that equation. The cost of the very things that we need just to survive in this life grows, almost exponentially and funds that we have to obtain those things shrink in the same time frame.

Do we need business? Sure we do. We don’t need business or anyone else for that matter taking it all for themselves and leaving the majority of people homeless, helpless, and broke, for the sake of profit. Y’all think about it.

Harry Hipps said...

Altogether now: "It'll never happen here, this is America."

James Thomas Shell said...

It is coming to MERKA and already has to a certain degree, through the hidden inflation tax.

Most of the better restaurants used to use clarified butter to cook with. It has gotten to be so expensive that basically all are forced to use Butter Substitute Oils that are soy based. Most Fryer Oils are now soy based, because Peanut Oil has risen so much in price. That means quality has suffered as a result.

You go to the Grocery Sore and coffee is now being sold in 11 or 12 ounce bags, where it used to be a pound. That means you are getting 25 to 33% less product and you are also paying a higher price.

The price of necessities continue to rise, while disposable goods prices fall or are stagnant in relation to the value of the dollar.

Like someone I know said, and I can't mention them now, but will soon. What a lot of people don't understand is that their assets are becoming liabilities. They are becoming a yoke around their neck. Let's say you own several pieces of property and you would like to dispose of them. The local government assesses the property at $100,000 and you have to pay property tax on that figure, but you go to sell the property and the best you can get for it is $50,000. You can keep paying $1,000 in property taxes per annum plus upkeep or you can unload the burden and move on. That is a lot of what is going on in this country and a lot of the foolish PTB can't understand this, because they don't understand that this is the new normal.