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Saturday, July 27, 2013

The Hickory Daily Record rejected this response too

The Hickory Daily Record allowed Jill Patton and Rudy Wright to make statements about Joe Brannock and the CEG, but created barriers to not allow Joe Brannock to respond. All of what the HDR reported about what was said by Joe at the last City Council meeting is up to interpretation.

Reporter Tinkelenberg did nothing other than his job when he reported what Joe had said at that meeting. It is no different than saying that it was 81 degrees at 1pm today. Are the local Powers That Be going to get mad at the HDR reporter because they are mad about it being hot outside?

The Mayor is on record as saying that the HDR prints garbage and he basically says that they should censor the news apparently to fit the Authoritarian template. I gave the HDR the benefit of the doubt that they were going to show some independence; but once again, like Charlie Brown and kicking the football while Lucy is holding it, I was only fooling myself. The HDR isn't going to stand up to the bullies. We know that Mayor Wright was giving them the business this week and we assume that this has been an ongoing thing during his tenure.

Let the HDR fall in line and be subservient to their masters. We're gonna crank this thing back up again.

Joe Brannock made this submission the other day to the HDR. They told him they were going to publish it and then reneged by creating a candidate policy after the fact that apparently doesn't include incumbents. Thus Joe could not respond to personal statements made by Jill Patton and Rudy Wright. Once again understand that the HDR were the ones that ramped this Conflict of Interest stuff up a couple weeks ago and as soon as they got the least little pushback from the local Powers That Be, they go looking for a scapegoat to throw under the bus. How Manly!!!

Are we the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave or the Land of those who Flee and the Home of the Slaves?

Joe Brannock - submitted on July 22, 2013 to the Hickory Daily Record in response to a Sunday Letter to the Editor by Jill Patton that among other things labels him as the Chairman of the Citizens for Equity in Government:

In response to Mrs. Patton's comments in this past Sunday's paper I would like to point out that no accusations were made against her or anyone else. Questions were asked. It is not surprising that Mrs. Patton took offense to questions being asked, as that seems to be the typical response the City has when questioned.

Unlike Mrs. Patton, I am able to admit when I'm mistaken; as I did in the follow up HDR article concerning conflicts-of-interest. But let's talk about getting one's facts straight, Mrs. Patton.  I have been and continue to be a spokesperson for the CEG, but I am NOT the Chairman. Had you ever taken the time to check that out rather than denigrate the CEG, you might know that.

Who helped Rudy get elected in 2001?

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