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Sunday, August 25, 2013

You make the call: John Miller and the United PAC

You make the call, is there a Hickory Daily Record/John Miller bias in the upcoming City Election? If this is the policy regarding the upcoming election, then how could the letter from Candidate Hank Guess run in Sunday's Hickory Daily Record:
July 24, 2013 - 9:04pm from

Here’s the policy for political candidates this election cycle:

The HDR policy for political candidates’ comments during the current election cycle:

1) No letters to the editor by a candidate will be published.

2) One news release provided by a candidate will be published prior to 2013 primary or general election, no more than 500 words.

3) Comments in news stories related to their campaign will be published.

4) A Q&A with the newspaper for each candidate is planned prior the primary and general election.

5) Candidate are free to buy political advertising.

John Miller

HDR Editor

Hank Guess's Martin Luther King Letter pandering to the African American community - August 25, 2013 in the HDR
Continue to fight for what’s right

50 years ago on a hot Washington day, the conscience of America was awakened by the stirring voice of the young Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Nine years had passed since the Su­preme Court had declared that the shackles of Jim Crow must fall away, but still the weight of oppression bore down on African-Americans throughout the nation. Just months earlier Alabama Gov. George Wal­lace had defiantly sneered, “Segre­gation now, segregation tomorrow, and segregation forever!” But now this intransigence was forced to come face to face with the eternal wisdom of God’s grace and Ameri­ca’s founding creed.

One is hard pressed to choose a favorite line from King’s eloquent call, but for me it would have to be: “I say to you today, my friends, so even though we face the difficulties of today and tomorrow, I still have a dream. It is a dream deeply rooted in the American dream.” Less than a year after Dr. King’s speech the tide of justice surged when President Johnson signed the Civil Rights Act and dealt a death blow to segrega­tion throughout our nation. One man had stood up and rallied a na­tion to fulfill both the letter and the spirit of our nation’s founding.

As we well know, the struggle for America to preserve the liberty of all our citizens is a never-ending one.

As the City Council person for Ward 4 it is a cause that I am dedicated to and strive each day to promote. I ask every citizen to join with me in working to ensure that Dr. King’s dream remains a reality for all future generations.

I thank you for the opportunity to serve on the Hickory City Council and I look forward to continuing to work to ensure that Hickory re­mains a beacon for the foothills and the great state we all love. May God Bless us all.


Ward 4, Hickory City Council

Hank who wrote this letter for you?

Mr. Miller care to comment?

Mr. Miller served on the committee that named the structure on Union Square, only a few months after he had been hired as the Editor of the HDR.  He was supposed to report on that issue in an unbiased fashion. Was he compromised in his reporting on Sails on the Square issues and subsequently the Referendum on Ward Specific Voting?

He attended at least one No Steps Backwards Coalition meeting (now known as the United PAC) and despite invitations has not attended one Citizens for Equity in Government meeting yet? What's up with John Miller? Will he be at the United PAC meeting this evening?

Prove me Wrong United PAC -- Your candidates will be Mayor Rudy Wright, 4th Ward Hank Guess, 5th Ward David Zagaroli, and like it even matters 6th Ward  Jill Patton. Maintaining your interest in the status quo is the goal. Thank You former City Councilman, and Jill Patton's neighbor, Phil Yount. The fix, as usual, is in.


wandaarnold1716 said...

My husband and I discussed this letter from Mr. Guess and recognized it for what it was, a way to win over African American voters from his district in the upcoming election. We tried to put ourselves in the place of those voters to imagine their reactions, knowing that they too would see through the ruse. It wasn't positive, perhaps even counterproductive. As a voter in that district, I would be asking, "What have you done for us so far?"

I was unaware of the written editorial policy until you brought this up, Thom. Mr. Miller should be aware of it, should he not?

Anonymous said...

And the unkindest cut of all. Every voter in Ridgeview and Ward 4can vote against Hank and he'll still win. The now perfunctory United PAC and those benevolent souls of the 'NO' coalition have it all sealed up.

The storm clouds are building folks. Lock your doors and windows and stuff towels into the cracks...The mountain of Doom is getting ready to erupt.

Harry Hipps said...

Is is surprising that the HDR would print a candidate letter in violation of their policy? I quit subscribing because of the lack of real reporting even when information was given to them and they could have easily broken important stories but chose not to.
What becomes "news" is shaded by who is involved and not simply by the public's right to know. Rules are bent for the club. There's no disappointment from me because I didn't expect any integrity to start with.