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Friday, October 25, 2013

Abracadabra - Always Moving Forward

Concerns and differing points of view do not equate to bitterness. I believe in the future of a Hickory that is made up of the melting pot of people I grew up with, work with, and go to church with. We see a lot of ongoing intolerance in our community. You seem to want me dismissed and ignored. Isn't it time that Old Hickory gives New Hickory a chance to show what they can do to move the community forward?

The Hound: I'm not going to name names, but a couple of curious things happened at my work today. A person called my work, that those who have followed this last year-plus would definitely recognize, and basically wants my boss to fire me.

Then someone made a reservation for 16 tonight and didn't show. The name on the reservation would be very, very, very recognizable...

It certainly would be no conspiracy that some people that are in the latter years of their lives need to grow up. If this is how you display power, then what power do you have. 


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