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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Are the Hickory Municipal Elections a Sham... po?

Over the past year we have seen Republicans in our state change voting laws in an attempt to clamp down on what they espouse to be rampant election fraud by Democrats in our State. Last week we saw a comical situation related to all of the hoopla surrounding this issue when Republican Don Yelton of Asheville went on John Stewart's nationally syndicated program and made a fool out of himself.

Here in Catawba County, and more specifically the City of Hickory, we have our own issue of what certainly looks to be election fraud. Back on July 25, the Chairman of the Catawba County Young Republicans Josh Shampo came forward with a letter to the editor in the Hickory Daily Record in which he lambasted Dr. Jody Inglefield over National Democrat Party Issues.

Shampo was called out a few days later for his "Our Fair City" comment by the Chairman of the Catawba County Young Democrats Jonathan Wyant in a responding letter a few days later, because he does not actually reside in the city of Hickory. At that time he was registered to vote at a Sherrill's Ford address. Conveniently a few days after that Shampo rebutted in a follow up to Mr. Wyant that he did indeed have residency in Hickory. He had during the week of July 30th, between letters to rhe editor,  gone and registered to vote at the address 1650 20TH AV CT NE Hickory, NC 28601.

Hmmm... everyone found that interesting and wondered where Josh had moved to. Funny thing is that when we looked it up we saw that it is a small townhouse located off of Sandy Ridge Road here in Hickory. That townhouse happens to be the property of  Thomas Sherman Kern III. Wow... is that the same Tom Kern who is the Republican Precinct Chair of the Sandy Ridge Precinct here in Hickory; who stood so defiantly against the referendum on ward specific voting last year? Yessir, it most certainly is. 

Subsequently, the Hickory United Political Action Committee was formed on August 1 and Young Shampo at the ripe old age of 22 was made it's chairman. This group is a formula of the Catawba County Republican "Tea" Party , includes a Dixiecrat or two, and Carlton Huffman was listed as the contact person for the group. Sounds eerily similar to the No Steps Backwards Coalition of last year.

Photo from the Tumblr site devoted to Rudy Wright and the HDR - August 8, 2013:

Tom aKern was a member of the No Steps Backwards coalition as was the majority of this Hickory United group. Tom Kern, along with Carlton Huffman and Paul Byrd, were the people out labeling the Citizens for Equity in Government as ACORN. There is a video on Youtube that shows Tom Kern doing this. These are the Hickory Status Quos Hatchet men.

On this voting matter, if Mr. Shampo is a good upstanding Republican, I am sure that he would like to follow all of the guidelines involved in stamping out election fraud. I am sure that Mr. Shampo would be more than willing to cooperate with any inquiries into his residential status. As a Republican in support of voter ID laws, he would be more than willing to cooperate and show evidence that he indeed lives at the stated address by showing bills sent in his name to said address. I am sure that his Driver's License address corresponds, as of today,  with his Hickory residency status and did at the time that he voted in the Hickory Mayoral Primary on October 8, 2013. 

I am sure that Mr. Shampo would in no way want to be involved in election fraud; especially considering his status as the Chairman of the Young Republicans and his Chairmanship of a Political Action Committee directly involved in the Hickory Municipal Election. I am equally certain that Tom Kern would not want to be involved in aiding and abetting election fraud. I am certain, but most others that I have spoken with on this matter don't seem to be.

According to North Carolina,

When you move within North Carolina, you must update your address on your NC driver’s license or ID card within 60 days.

Mr. Shampo, you didn't break the law that Republicans have worked so hard to bolster, did you? You aren't shopping for a cause, are you? You do care about the integrity of the system, don't you? Please get in touch so that we may clear up this matter as soon as possible.                  

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