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Saturday, February 21, 2015

Gerald Celente - Great interview on King World News - February 21, 2015

Gerald Celente Audio Interview at King World News

Celente talks about the Greece situation and the precarious situation with the Euro. Propaganda by the U.S. Government is what backs the U.S. Economy. Central Planning (Central Banks) have kept the economy afloat. Near zero interest rates are only serving the interests of the upper .01% -- only serving the interests of the richest of the rich.

Hound Note: What we will see going forward is less cooperation between the U.S. and Europe and more cooperation between Europe and Russia... empowerment of the BRICS nations. This is going to put negative pressure on the Dollar. We currently have a trade war going on. The issues with the Euro and other currencies, related to political and social instabilities, have boosted the Dollar. U.S. economic policies have not solved the issues from 2008 and as the Global economy contracts, the G20 are going to make deals amongst themselves to deal with U.S. economic hegemony. All the U.S. has done is kick the can down the road and leading economic indicators show the real U.S. economy is contracting. As the G20, and mainly the emerging BRICS nations, continue to work out deals on natural resources and trade, the Dollar will begin to recede from its position as World Reserve Currency, because these countries recognize that support of the Dollar is support of adverse consequences to their own well being. The Dollar recedes in value, the U.S. realizes the post-Industrial reality, the U.S. is a net importer of goods... the net result is the U.S. will look more and more like a 3rd World nation.

You reap what you sow.

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