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Monday, March 14, 2016

Hound on the Donald Trump event in Hickory -- March 14, 2016

I've been laying low and not produced anything in a while, but the Hickory Hound was granted press credentials to the Trump event. Top notch produced event. Mr. Trump was about two hours late due to the fog that rolled into the area overnight and failed to lift until late morning. By 7am this morning the line wound around the inner campus of LR. I'd say there were 3,000 people in line at that time. We spoke with a couple of girls from Bristol, TN. There were media from all over NC present at the event. This was much more than a regional event. Trump could have easily filled LR's football stadium. Protest wise, there were very few protestors and for the most part they were peaceful. There were some people flying Mexican flags and driving around in pickups and cars flying the Mexican flag. 
Early in the Town Hall discussion with Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey, Trump protesters (I believe 7) three rows directly in front of us stood up and ripped open their shirts with protest writing on the t-shirts. They were quickly removed from Monroe auditorium. The interruption lasted a little over a minute and was met with USA chants. The seats were quickly replaced by some of the at least 4,000 people who stood outside hoping to find a seat. There were two more interruptions during the event, but it was obvious that security was very much on top of the situation and the subsequent folks were removed even quicker than the previous and the seats were replaced. The event was quite the spectacle. This could not be identified as a normal political event. The Trump supporters were jacked up to the max. 
The event lasted around an hour and then Mr. Trump left quickly, headed to the airport to his jet and was out of here. It was obvious that Trump hit home on incompetent politicians, bad trade deals, the negative impact that those deals have had on the area, and that those issues must be addressed if were are to turn around the area. Trump gave the people what they wanted to see. As time permits I will relate more of the happenings of this event to you. I will say it was very professionally run and police and security were very much on top of the situation and did an excellent job with disturbances.

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wandaarnold1716 said...

Stood in that long line for two hours, talked to bystanders, bought a campaign button, but had to leave eventually for another appointment, just as the auditorium came into view. Came home to watch the entire program on You Tube that evening, so got my "Trump Experience." I thought he handled interruptions and demonstrations very smoothly. His timing shows his experience performing. The tickets we printed out and brought to the event didn't seem matter as they were never checked. Perhaps they were used to estimate the attendance for the event. Thanks for reporting on this event, Thom.

wandaarnold1716 said...

I found out today that that the tickets were used to collect data on Trump supporters so a communication network could be set up. I guess I'll be receiving daily emails for some months!