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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Old Hickory in the lead

Tonight the results are in for Ward Voting and now we go to the Julian Whitener finals, in which the system works to dilute a level playing field of representation on the Hickory City Council, but that battle was lost last year and won't be changed for a few more years.

The Julian Whitener Finalists will be:
Ward 4 - Anetia Wright vs. Hank Guess
Ward 5 - David Zagaroli vs. Joe Brannock
Ward 6 - Jill Patton vs .......
Mayor  - Rudy Wright vs Dr. Jody Inglefield

It will be an uphill battle for those facing the establishment, especially here in a community that looks to cling to traditions long ago abandoned by forward moving communities.

The Establishments Positions:
1) Taking care of Old Money interests first and foremost. Competition is a Sin.
2) Union Square, Union Square, Union Square. Obviously.
3) A community tailor made for 70, 80, and 90 year olds. Actions speak louder than words.
4) Business built upon Cheap Labor and Worker Bees. The Underemployment Economic Model.
5) Regressive Taxation for Public Relations. Paid for by the middle class. Spent by the Upper Class.
6) The City Administrative form of government is the be-all/end-all.

The Challenger Positions:
1) Term Limits.
2) We have got to fix this demographic issue.
3) Taking seriously the Health problems in this community.
4) Leveling the Policy making Playing Field. Conflicts of Interest are killing us.
5) Bringing the Community together as one through love and compassion.
6) The Mayor and City Council are responsible for our governance.

The Hound: Ernie Masche and I sat in a meeting with a gentleman yesterday who is a friend of mine and he talked about the origins of the Economic Development Corporation back in the 1970s. Most of the established "old money" companies in Catawba County were dead set against it's formation. It was named the "Catawba County Industrial Development Commission" - the precursor of today's EDC.

Everyone in this community today touts the EDC, but it would not have been allowed to form if certain people had not gone up against the local entrenched establishment of the 1970s, much as the Challengers to current city governance are having to do today.

We will see what happens in the next few weeks. Time is definitely on our side, but economic progress is not. We have not turned any corners. The economy continues to rot and we have people who have no interest in real issues and common sense.... We Move Forward!

1 comment:

James Thomas Shell said...

add: Hank Guess obviously will never win his ward during his tenure on City Council. He may serve 20 years, but he will never win his ward. That would be an uncomfortable situation for most. And shows how screwed up the electoral system is here.