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Friday, January 9, 2015

Video of Hickory City Council meeting on January 6, 2014

I am working on the Newsletter. It was a long and involved meeting, so I have to finish my notes and opinion. Here is the video and Links to specific points below.

New Business - Public Hearings:
1. Consideration of Closing a Portion of 3rd Street SE and Two Unopened Right of Ways as Shown in Plat Book 4, at Page 78, Catawba County Registry.

New Business - Departmental Reports:

1. Friends of Hickory Park Proposal Update and Parking Analysis. - Consideration of the Friends of Hickory Downtown Park proposal specifically including:

1) approval for the Friends of Hickory to move forward with private fundraising and

2) direct City staff to move forward with the parking lot and alley right-of-way closures at the appropriate time.

Alderman Lail addresses his concerns about his potential conflicts of interest with the park, because his wife works for the company, Land Design, that is involved in the development of the park. attorney Crone dismisses the conflict.

Andrea Surratt presentation

Alison Holtzman, Friends of Hickory, Presentation
Alderman Seaver asks about how many people the park can accommodate
Alder Patton asks about bathrooms
Mrs. Holtzman speaks about Thursday night presentation of the park to the community

Official Action to direct staff of a Memorandum of Understanding

2. Consideration of Facility Naming Rights Opportunities by the Greater Hickory Tennis Association (GHTA) for Tennis Complex Improvements at Hickory City Park. The City’s Financial Commitment is estimated to be $449,200.

3. Discussion of Bond Commission Ordinance and Call for Public Hearing.

4. Discussion of Revaluation Numbers and the Revenue Neutral Rate.

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