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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Hickory and the Riverwalk Multi-Jurisdictional issue (Catawba & Burke County)

When I looked into the issue of the proposed Riverwalk Greenway that will be part of the Lakeland Park neighborhood area, and it's location, I found it interesting that Geitner Park, or the majority of what construes Geitner Park, is actually in Burke County. I knew that parts of that area were in Burke County. You will be surprised by how much. The people who live in the houses in this City of Hickory-Burke County area pay Burke County property taxes and vote in Burke County. So, I believe that Hickory Incorporated is going to have to get this development sanctioned by the Burke County Board of Commissioners in some form or fashion.

Catawba County GIS - Real Estate Report

Below, on this overview map, the blue areas outside Catawba County constitute Hickory Proper. The areas of Hickory Proper inside Catawba County are aqua.

My discussion with the Mayor on Hal Row's First Talk

Below is the map I cobbled together from Google Earth of the Hickory (Catawba -Burke- Caldwell) multi-jurisdictional issue.

Here is a jpeg Link to download and view - Hickory (Catawba, Burke, Caldwell)

Another View

1 comment:

wandaarnold1716 said...

Thanks for your work in putting these maps together, Thom. I have already shared them with a friend.