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Monday, September 23, 2013

Crystal Killian - Candidate Hickory City Council Ward 4 - Press Release

The following press release was sent to the Charlotte Observer and myself last night. Ms. Killian had planned on putting a press release in the Hickory Daily Record at some point in time. Candidates had originally been informed that they could have one press release in the HDR either during the primary or the at-large race, but the HDR changed that decision and Ms. Killian was informed on September 6th that she had until the end of the 8th to submit the press release. She had to work that weekend, which made that impossible, so she isn't going to have a press release in the Hickory Daily Record. I am happy to afford her the opportunity here that our local paper will not.

Ms. Crystal Killian has announced her candidacy for Hickory City Council Ward 4.  Ms. Killian is a lifelong Hickory resident who was educated in the Hickory City School System.  She is a college graduate, and despite having several degrees and certifications in different fields, she feels that education should never cease.  With this in mind, she is a full time student currently enrolled at Catawba Valley Community College, with plans to continue, and obtain her Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing and her Masters degree in Physician Assistant. 
Increasing educational opportunities is a vital aspect of her campaign.  She feels that all children should be afforded the best education possible and hopes to engage Hickory City Council and the Hickory City School Board to see that every child has the brightest future and opportunity to succeed. 
Crystal is employed as a Home Health Nurse at Catawba County Home Health, and witnesses the depravity in healthcare and nutrition in the lower socioeconomic areas of Hickory.  One aspect of her platform is lessening the urban food deserts in the city.  She hopes to work in conjunction with Department of Social Services Food Stamp Program/SNAP, and the WIC program to bring fresh fruits and vegetables to the areas of Hickory that are lacking this basic need.  She hopes to mirror the current farmers market that is held each Thursday at the Catawba County Health Department.  Increasing the nutritional state of not only adults, but the future, that is our children.  She hopes to do this by planning and implementing smaller farmers markets in neighborhoods that would benefit most, enabling them to use their food program benefits to purchase nutritious foods.  She would also like to see an expansion in the summer food programs that are currently sponsored by local churches, and provide them with City funding to continue this much needed program.  This program seeks to provide children with breakfast and lunch during the summer months, when they are not in school.  Increasing physical activity by increasing the operational hours of the recreation centers, which are tax-payer funded, is also another goal.  The benefits and importance of physical activity and healthier lifestyles of children are seen in all forms of media and literature. 
Crystal also feels that diversity is lacking on the current Hickory City Council.  Whether it is someone with a disability, someone of a different racial or socioeconomic background, or sexual preference, everyone who is a citizen of Hickory should be represented on council.  She feels that the current makeup of council is more reflective of a person’s financial status, and not a clear representation of the citizens in which they serve.  As a member of the Hickory City Community Relations Council since 2012, which strives to promote diversity in Hickory, she promotes and embraces diversity in all aspects of her life.
She is a single mother of one child, Joshua Killian, who is a student at Hickory High School.  

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