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Thursday, October 3, 2013

3rd annual - The Edison Project - Catawba County Chamber of Commerce

The following presentation was the finals of the 3rd annual Edison Project. The Jackson Group's The Mesh was the winner, followed by David Waechter- Verdante BioEnergy Services, and then Bob Hedin- FaceGuard Software.

The sound in the SALT Block auditorium has always left a lot to be desired and was especially bad this day. It was almost as if there was no amplification, so the voices weren't loud, there was a low bass hollowness to the sound, but I edited it as best I could. I feel that this event is worthy of documentation and presentation and I hope that next year they will beef up the audio, because I doubt that the people further back could hear much -- I was on the third row, no more than 30 feet from the podium.

What is The Edison Project? The Edison Project is sponsored by the Catawba County Chamber of Commerce and is a celebration and recognition of the creativity and entrepreneurial spirit of Catawba County. We are looking for entrepreneurs that have an innovative idea for a viable business in the Catawba County area that they would like to submit for consideration and review by a panel of judges. You will compete with other entrepreneurs for an economic incentive of $10,000 in cash ($5,000 1st place; $3,000 2nd place and $2,000 3rd place) plus other pro-bono benefits for the best new entrepreneurial business ideas in the Catawba County area for 2013.

The following information was from the Catawba County Chamber of Commerce website:

Tim Clark & Drew Estes- Cornerstone Columbarium:
Founders Clark and Estes provide custom columbaria and niche walls for churches, municipalities and individuals. Services include design, footing, construction, urns, and niche covers, direct cremations and final expires insurance. Seeking $410,000.

Bob Hedin- FaceGuard Software:
Founder Bob Hedin has developed password security system to supplant managing multiple security codes. With fully functioning software developed, company needs to prepare for equity capital to enable and market testing and management team building-out. Seeking $500,000.

David Hudson - Quality Relationship Building Professional System: Founder has developed a system to educate attorneys and financial advisors on how to work together and coordinate services to transition clients from one to the other with the goal of greatly improving the volume of business by offering the most complete estate plans in the Catawba Valley. Seeking $30,000 for 12% of equity.

Alan Jackson and Mary Margaret Baker - The MESH: The MESH is a 'new media' online network, design to produce and deliver original unique audio and video content to computers, mobile phones, tablets and any other device connected to the internet. Company plans to target western NC as a market. Seeking $150,000 for up to 49% equality.

Dr. Paula Love - RFP Firm provides fund-matching services to companies who market their products and services to education entities. Three distinct offerings include: 1) GrantMatch, industry-specific intelligence, 2) BidMatch, which vets RFPs against company identified key words and phrases, and 3) RFP Supports which is a technical consulting arm of the company. Seeking $200,000 launch capital.

Carla D. Spencer- 2 Your Health: Founders has developed a meal planning solution for individuals with chronic kidney disease so that these clients can slow the progress of their disease, live a higher quality life, and reduce medical expenses. Seeking $75,000

Britney Valas- Sweet Behaviors:
Company provides parenting development, including a daily support system and products to help parents proactively guide their children to learn responsibility and instinctively desired behavior. Seeking $635,315

David Waechter- Verdante BioEnergy Services: Founder provides location-based networking and database management in commodity-based feedstock inventory access for industry brokers, vendors and participants. Company is seeking to monetize on early success in transition to growth mode. Seeking $800,000.

Hamilton Williams Jr.- Hamilton Williams Clayworks: (Did not present) Hamilton started his company in 1994, and produces functional artisan and one-of-a-kind pottery. With a BFA and a passion, founder seeks to scale to production with expanded facilities, and plans to staff operations with locals. Seeking $50,000.

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