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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Rudy Wright's phone message to the CEG from last Tuesday

- September 11, 2012


Mr. Mayor, we feel that we are speaking for citizens from all across the city. Citizens whose voices have gone unheard; whose concerns have gone unaddressed; whose ideas have gone ignored. We are mothers and fathers; sisters and brothers. We are white and black; we are Republicans and Democrats. We worship with you at church. We chat with each other when we cross paths at the grocery store. We wave a friendly hello when passing one another on the street. We are your neighbors.

To answer your question Rudy, YES, we have a conscience. What we don't have - and perhaps what you don't understand is - we don't have egos!

(The photo above was taken by a photographer for the USA Today in June 2010. He is standing in the Ridgeview Pool just months before he and the Hickory City Council chose to have this pool demolished. In my book that is brazen arrogance!!!)

And for more of Rudy's political philosophy, listen to the presentation below:

Rebecca Inglefield had the audacity to follow the rules!!! - So they changed the rules

They gonna Arrest you!!!

Statement by Rebecca Inglefield about her arrest at City Hall - September 13, 2012

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